Mina Nutanix: hiperconverge su protección de datos

Two years ago, I co-wrote this blog talking about the data protection ecosystem that was forming around the Nutanix AOS platform. We have not been sitting still at Nutanix since then, as we have extended the partner list significantly. Review the Nutanix Ready Technology Alliance Partner Program page for a complete list of vendors that have been validated.

We are not stopping there, as this is just the beginning of what is in store for Nutanix data protection! The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS is rapidly becoming the industry-best platform for running all your application workloads.

With today’s announcement of the Nutanix Mine solution, we are extending our platform into secondary storage. The Nutanix Mine platform uses the Nutanix AOS goodness to provide the same benefits for secondary storage as we are doing for your applications – simplicity, performance and resiliency. Nutanix Mine extends both the management plane and the data fabric of Nutanix AOS to now run data protection functionality and backup target storage in a turn-key solution, being able to backup environments where Nutanix is the primary infrastructure as well as any virtualized environment.

Nutanix invented Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) to eliminate complexity typically found in the data center, by collapsing compute, storage, networking and management into a single solution. Nutanix Mine eliminates similar complexity found in traditional data protection environments, by collapsing the compute and storage into a single platform, and eliminates the need for traditional archiving devices like tape drives.

To provide the data protection functionality, we are working with select partners of the data protection ecosystem to ‘add new skills’ to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS.

The partner’s solutions will integrate with the Nutanix platform in many areas:

  • Day -2 – Nutanix Sizer Integration. Add Nutanix Mine protection to your primary workload sizing. This automatically sizes the Nutanix Mine solution.
  • Day -1 – Sales Integration. Channel bundles that include the hardware, Nutanix software and data protection partner software for easy procurement
  • Day 0 – Deployment Integration. Integrated deployment and configuration of the data protection solution on the Nutanix Mine solution.
  • Day 1 – Management Integration. Nutanix Mine extends the Nutanix Prism functionality with data protection status and workflows.
  • Day 2 – Automated scale-out functionality. Integrated scale-out functionality to increase storage capacity and/or data protection performance

Nutanix Mine is available in two easy-to-size models, and includes the Nutanix licenses:

The Small form factor is based on the NX-1465-G6 platform, the Medium uses 2 NX-8235-G6 enclosures. We’re expecting to expand the line up with other hardware platforms later this year.

Any appliance comes with a standard set of data protection licenses.

Nutanix Mine with Veeam

For system admins responsible for uptime and recovery SLAs of mission-critical applications and data, Nutanix Mine with Veeam will quickly deploy Veeam Backup and Replication integrated with Nutanix storage management for a turnkey solution that reduces the time and complexity of data protection across the data center and the cloud, for true cloud data management.

Nutanix Mine with Veeam, sold by Nutanix, is expected to be available in calendar 2H of 2019. Nutanix Mine with Veeam will include a standard number of Veeam licenses for easy procurement

Nutanix Mine with Veeam will deliver:

  • Fast Time to Value – Better customer experience for ordering, deployment, sizing, management, scaling, agility and support.
  • Unified IT Operations – Integrated management operations from deployment to day-to-day data management. Eliminates overhead
  • Drop-In, Scale Up and Scale Out – Full-stack hypervisor, hardware, platform OS, management, storage, and support.

The solution will have an integrated management experience, such as a newly designed dashboard that highlights the important status from both the Nutanix and Veeam infrastructure:

For more details, please check out the Veeam blog

Nutanix Mine with Hycu

HYCU will provide joint Nutanix and HYCU customers with a complete platform for primary and secondary storage within the private cloud, consisting of the Nutanix Mine platform (NX hardware with AOS software) with a special version of HYCU that is optimized to run on the Nutanix Mine configurations for a turnkey solution.

Nutanix Mine with HYCU is expected to be available in calendar 2H of 2019.

Be sure to check the Nutanix Mine website for more information and don’t forget to sign up to be the first to receive updates and announcements on Nutanix Mine.

FUENTE: https://www.nutanix.com/blog/nutanix-mine-hyperconverge-your-data-protection

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